Auxiliary Treatments for Renal Failure Cases Receiving Fluid Therapy

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Auxiliary Treatments For Canines with Renal Failure

When the kidney is failing, there are two “”numbers” that increase,
which give a “measurement” of okayness. There are other numbers that
matter, too of course.

The BUN is a number that can be “sky high” without portending the end
of the dog. There is no “high” that signaled the end of the dog. So I
don’t prognosticate based on that number.

The CREATININE is a key number to judge cases by. “IN general” a
CREAT over 4.0 after fluid therapy and diagnosing “other reasons” for
the kidney disease; portends a poor prognosis.

However, if the dog has Leptospirosis or Kidney infection or is
young, or is responding to therapy – IT DOES NOT MATTER what the
Creatinine is; because the case is already exceptional and treatments
are more likely to work.

Non-traditional modalities like TUMS, Baking Soda, Vitamin C, and a good multivitamin all have benefits for Kidney failure cases. Learn how:

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