What’s J.tips All About?

J.tips is a new resting place for new and brief articles and information from Dr. Erik Johnson

The idea for J.tips is BREVITY. They’re “TIPS” not tutorials or full-on articles or learning modules.

The idea for J.tips is BREVITY.

If you seek more detail please, you will LOVE the detail in the following sites:

Briefest fish health site: fishtreatments.com

Second briefest fish health site:  savingsickfish.org

Third briefest fish health site: drjohnson.net

Fourth briefest fish health site: koivet.com

Most detailed fish health site: drjohnson.com

Briefest companion animal health site: drjohnson.net

Detailed companion animal health site: drjohnson.com/notes

Most detailed (over 1000 pages) companion animal health site:  drjohnson.com


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